We have a team mentality. Everyone pitches in and has a stake in our success. Whether cleaning a small retail space, medical center, or major business complex, we put in the same amount of energy and level of professionalism. Use us one time and you'll never have to or want to call on another cleaning crew again.

As a Sabre Hotel RFP client you have access to the BTPIndex

Brought to you by Sabre, FareAudit and BTPIndex

The BTPIndex Is the transformation of current business intelligence and analytics practices in corporate travel through artificial intelligence.

It is emerging as an essential tool for enterprises to gain real-time insights on key performance indicators in hotel program management, automate the entire program and in the process, maximize its value to the highest possible levels.


>>The BTPIndex is a daily statistical measurement of your corporate hotel program performance in real financial terms.  It represents the program’s savings and overspend, both as a percentage of total spend.   It includes 5 specific movers that triggers corrective actions depending on each mover’s performance.

>>The BTPIndex is comprised by all pre and post-trip transactions (FULL VISIBILITY), what is booked within and outside the designated booking channels (TMC’s)

>>The BTPIndex is measured daily on a per company basis and as an aggregated average of a group of companies to deliver benchmark capabilities.