Simply, the easiest and smartest way to revamp and manage a Hotel Program

Our Services are divided into 3 levels

Available On-line 24/7

Real-time, pre, and post-trip data 

The Daily Pulse of a Hotel Program

1.- The BPTIndex on-line account 
24/7 online access to the company's hotel program daily financial assessment with a single number
Real-Time, Pre and Post Trip Data
Considering Market Conditions historical, current and projected
2.- The BTPIndex Movers
What exactly is moving the BTPIndex value up or down, historical, current and projected
Transactions & Room Night Production
Public Rate Performance
Negotiated Rate Performance
Policy Compliance Levels
Visibility to all The BTPIndex Corrective Actions
3.- The BTPIndex Corrective Actions / Execution
Execution of Every single corrective action needed to increase the BTPIndex to maximum levels 
Considering Market Conditions, current, historical and Projected
COVID19 Specific Corrective Actions
New RFP's
Daily Rate Audits (Rate loading and alternate properties) on every single transaction
4.- Hotel Program Management Full Automation
Auotmation of all corrective actions (no human intervention)

The BTPIndex is delivered in three different levels