Fernando Avila founder / President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Avila is an accomplished and laser-focused serial entrepreneur and business leader with over 35 years of experience in the corporate travel industry as an airline and hotel executive for over 10 years and over 20 years of experience creating and managing business ventures in the corporate travel technology industry.  Through these years, Mr. Avila has implemented over 2,000 corporate hotel programs on a global basis, assessing the real value in real financial terms of the program for both sides, suppliers, and buyers.  As President and CEO, Mr. Avila oversees the entire operation of the company.  Mr. Avila has a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo in Mexico City.

Jean Deveber / Vice Presiden, BTPIndex, LLC

Mrs. Deveber has extensive work experienced as a manager in the travel industry and corporate market place.  As the former manager of Corporate Sales & Service for the 10th largest travel management company in the USA (Garber FCM Travel), Mrs. Deveber managed the department for over 18 years which was tasked with securing new corporate business and maintaining the existing client base.  Mrs. Deveber is a knowledgable manager in the travel industry, experience in corporate sales, delivering customer service, and developing a cost-effective travel management program for clients.